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Hi, I’m Milosz Falinski – an entrepreneur, designer and informed optimist. I work with leaders and visionaries on untangling the complex problems they’re solving. Together, we create digital products and services that serve their customers, business and the planet.

Great Design =
Business + Impact

It’s time we redefine what great design is. Most organisations still insist on profit and shiny factor being their highest purpose. To build a world that works, we must move on.

Great design is successful business and positive impact thriving together, beyond what we thought was possible.

From idea to acquisition in 14 months.

My side project - Paws for Trello - after being a successful product in its own right, with 10,000+ customers and solid 4.6+ stars rating, was acquired by Atlassian in 2017 and became Trello Desktop with 2 million+ active users.

I’m always working on new products, currently exploring our relationship between accomplishment, mindfulness and digital.

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Digital products that perform.

Since 2012, I’ve lead design and product on multiple successful projects. While leading the Robokiller design team, we grew the product from idea to 1 million+ happy customers in just two years.

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“I always appreciated that both as a designer and leader Milosz brought honesty and passion to his work and put our customers solidly in the frame. He knows how to design great products that make an impact for people, and it shows in all elements of his work”

Ethan Garr, former VP of Product RoboKiller

Unlocking new ways of contribution.

In my spare time, I run Digital for Good in Edinburgh, Scotland — a community of 400+ digital professionals and charity representatives. We explore new ways of bringing the two sectors closer through monthly meetups and volunteer-run projects. Join us if you're around!

I advise leaders on how to build organic, active communities around their vision.

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What drives successful products:

Minimum Lovable Products

Forget MVP’s — you need people to love your product to build a lasting business. I work with founding teams and product leads on inventing, designing and prototyping services that people love.

Authentic Impactful Ideas

Be a unicorn or a zebra — what’s important is why you started. Your vision is your most precious asset. I partner with founders and visionaries on translating their bold ideas for the future into reality.

Culture of Growth

Once you have something that works, it’s time share it with more people. I work with managers on scaling their remote global teams while maintaining a culture that got them success in the first place.

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