I work with tech entrepreneurs and leaders on maximising the impact and success their businesses have in the world. Together, we create digital products that love people.

Hi, I’m Milosz Falinski.

I’m a product & design strategy consultant and informed optimist. Building on my career in tech, I work with leaders in the exciting intersection of startup and positive impact, building a better future through innovation.

Past work

  • I created a successful product and had it acquired by Atlassian in just 14 months. It’s now used by 2+ million people every day. That's Paws for Trello, bringing Trello Web to your desktop for a more focused experience, with extra features. After 10,000+ sales on Mac and Windows and a consistent 4.7 stars rating, it became the official free Trello Desktop app in September 2017. It was featured widely by press as well as Apple and Microsoft in their stores.
  • While leading design on RoboKiller, we scaled it from idea to 1,000,000+ customers in just 2 years. It was acquired by IAC in 2018. During that time, I built a remote team of 8 designers and looked after defining and designing new features, as well as complete redesigns.
  • I started and run a TechxCharity community in Scotland, called Digital For Good with over 400+ digital professionals and charity representatives. We explore new ways of bringing the two sectors closer through monthly meetups and volunteer-run projects. Join us.

Clients include

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How I work I make your products and services reach maximum impact.

In love with the future, I see potential for tech to build us a world that works for everyone. I partner with leaders and entrepreneurs who do things differently. We build on what makes them great, increasing success and impact their work has on the world.

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Increase Product Value

What is it exactly that makes your customers love you? We will create clarity and understanding around your value and create a strategy to build on it. You will increase your product’s value and save time.

Improve conversion

Attract better customers and keep more of them, for longer. Using a proven data-driven approach, we’ll look at key areas in your product, and create clear elegant solutions that make your customers stay.

Build & Keep Momentum

Getting it right once is luck. Getting it right reliably is a process. Through deep experience of Design, Systems, Growth and Lean methodologies, we will build a right process to your needs.

Milosz knows how to create great products that make an impact, and it shows in all elements of his work.

Ethan Garr, SVP of Growth, RoboKiller

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