Use your work number anywhere

CallFromWork is a simple iOS app that allows you to use your work phone number, regardless of where you're calling from. It's a tool greatly appreciated by doctors, lawyers and others that sometimes need to work after hours or out of office, but don't want to reveal their personal numbers.

The app was created in late 2014 and I joined the team to design & build a simple promotional website that would show main benefits and direct visitors to the App Store.

My Contributions

Making the app understandable

CallFromWork is a tool and it fulfills a very specific need. While doing research I learned that the most impactful result would revolve about showcasing utility. The site had to unambiguously explain what the app does and why is it useful. I also added main use cases, based on what we've noticed from talking to the users.

To make the product more intuitively understandable, I designed a simple animation that doesn't grab attention, but conveys information in an interesting way.

Features are presented seamlessly while scrolling
Shortened view of the new landing page

Mobile site

The site is fully responsive, but this approach was impossible to replicate on a mobile site. Instead of compromising, I came up with a different design that works much better on touch devices.

While building the site, I employed a mobile-first approach. The site doesn't load desktop resources while opened on a mobile phone. This offers a significant speed improvement - not only due to loading less resources, but also having to work with a less Javascript.

On the mobile site the feature screenshots are shown on a very responsive slider
Opening the navigation rewards users with a smooth animation

See the project live:

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