Art marketplace from the future

ArtRank, created by a team of experienced art dealers and data scientists, produces quarterly reports that provide exclusive predictions for private art collectors. Early access is paid and in limited supply, and the report is released for free weeks later.

If this sounds controversial, it's because it absolutely is — they're challenging a whole industry driven by elitism, to consider cold hard data. The company has enjoyed a steady stream of press coverage. I was very excited about working on this, because I saw an opportunity for good design to have impact on people and nudge the world a little bit forward.

My Contributions

Tweaking the Branding

The project kicked off with a simple branding tweak. This made the mark a little bit less boring, while reinforcing the message and maintaining great readability.

Before & After for the ArtRank logo

Art investment advice as a service

ArtRank had to appeal both to traditional art dealers, as well as investors looking into the art market. Throughout research, I learned the most from studying startups in completely different sectors, seeing how they solve the problem of explaining their nuanced products and services.

My final result was lightweight and illustration-driven, allowing the site to confidently explain complex ideas behind the project.

Final version of the landing page
Due to the pricetag, the purchase screen warranted a slightly more exclusive feel
A simple blog for announcements and press coverage

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