Art marketplace from the future

Art9 started with an incredible mission of at least ten fold improvements to how collectors buy & sell art. Led by experienced art dealers and data scientists, the marketplace speeds up the sale and purchase process from as many as 4 months to less than a week, while also lowering the overall costs by 20-30%.

The team needed help with designing the whole site and product from scratch, having only a functional demo when I joined the project. The project spanned rethinking and designing over 50 screens in the space of 3 months.

My Contributions

Marketing Site

Art9 targets serious collectors interested in buying and selling art. Since the sums of money involved are not insignificant, it was at the core of the project to portray Art9 as an honest and trustworthy company, by helping people understand where they're coming from.

In effect, the marketing site shows that the culture of the company is closer to fast-moving tech startups, than art institutions who struggle to stay relevant.

First version of the landing page
Alternate landing page allowed Liam to implement this awesome transition
Alternate version of the landing page - visible after clicking 'learn more'
Page explaining how buying art works on Art9


The private marketplace was designed for fast turnaround of a small amount of regularly added works. All buyers have to go through an application process and are personally vetted, so the scale is relatively limited. The portal functionality is very streamlined, so I established a minimalistic, bold and effective layout, to keep the system visually pleasing and engaging.

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